3 Things: “I Don’t Care”, U.S. Jobs Visual, and an Index Card for Young Adults

“I don’t know and don’t care because it doesn’t matter to what I’m doing.”

1. Not Caring: A Unique and Powerful Skill (Morgan Housel, 2/28/2019)

A rule of thumb is to prefer the strategy that’s likely to get you closest to your goal with the fewest number of decisions needed along the way.

Figure out what you can control and obsess over it. Identify what doesn’t matter and ignore it. Determine what you’re incapable of and stay away from it.

Have room for error.

Plan on things not going according to plan.

How U.S. jobs have changed over the past 150 Years

2. 150 Years of U.S. Employment History (Barry Ritholtz, 2/28/2019)

Click to enlarge – Source: Visual Capitalist

Can you fit your money philosophy on a single index card?

 3.  A personal finance-focused index card for young adults (Abnormal Returns, 2/27/2019)


Click to enlarge – Source: Harold Pollack via UChicago Magazine

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A bonus as your reward for reading this far

 One of my favorite things to do in the morning is to watch the birds at our feeder while I have my coffee. Our two cats sit on the windowsill next to me, also keeping a careful eye on the activity of the birds! Harry Foster shared these gorgeous photos of blue jays the other day on his Twitter feed, @harry_fosters. Enjoy!

SAGE Serendipity:  This article/video was from a few months ago but it’s timeless. It tells the story of this iconic image, Earthrise:  Apollo 8’s Earthrise: The Shot Seen Round the World. Half a century ago, a photograph from the moon helped humans rediscover Earth.

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