Getting to know you…

First, we’ll need to glean a better understanding of who you are and your goals for the future. Then together, we’ll organize and enhance your current financial picture to fully decipher your greatest opportunities and your biggest challenges.

Plotting your course

Next we’ll align your financial planning and portfolio management with what you want most out of life – whatever is meaningful and true to you.

Crafting your plan

Here we’ll formulate your personalized comprehensive plan which will cover a spectrum of related areas including financial independence (aka retirement), tax, insurance, estate, education as well as company benefits, including equity compensation.

Living the life you imagined

Time to exhale. At this stage you’ll be released from complexities you don’t remember signing up for as SAGEbroadview provides you and your family with personal, encompassing care.


  • What are your 1, 5, 10, 20-year goals?
  • Are you on track to reach them?
  • Does your income support your lifestyle?
  • Who is holding you accountable?

Tax Planning

  • Do you know how the Tax Code changes will affect you?
  • Are you always surprised when you file your tax returns each year?
  • Are you aware of tax-minimizing opportunities within your business and executive compensation arrangements, retirement planning, charitable and estate plans, and the remaining spectrum of your financial life?


  • Is your portfolio globally diversified?
  • Is your asset allocation appropriate for you?
  • Do you understand the fee structure of your investments?
  • Is your portfolio tax-efficient?
  • Do you rebalance when appropriate?

Company Benefits

  • Are you maximizing the company match on your 401(k) contributions?
  • Do you know how to make the most of your long-term incentive compensation plans, including cash bonuses, restricted stock, and stock options?
  • Are you wondering if you should participate in deferred compensation plans?
  • Are you making the most of your other company benefits?

Insurance & Estate

  • Are you and your family protected should something happen?
  • What estate planning documents do you need in place now?
  • Should you update your homeowner’s, auto or umbrella insurance?
  • Do you need more life or disability insurance?
  • Do you need long-term care insurance?

Education Funding

  • Do you wonder if you can afford college or private school for your children?
  • Do you want to know if you should fund a 529 plan? Or save in another manner?
  • Do you understand financial aid opportunities?
What does it cost to work with us?

Transparent costs are very important to us. Our Established Professional service offering includes two components – Financial Planning and Portfolio Management – as seen below. All clients are enrolled in both. The minimum Wealth Management Fee is $8,000 annually.

Financial Planning, Sage Broadview Financial Planner Morristown NJ, Experienced Professionals
Financial Planning

Financial Planning (FP) fees are based on the complexity of your financial situation and start at $1,250 quarterly. We typically quote your FP fee during our complimentary “get acquainted” session. Your FP fee will be deducted from your brokerage or checking account.
Portfolio Management

The annual cost for Portfolio Management services is just 0.50% of the investment accounts we manage for you. That is $5 for every $1,000 in your portfolio. Fees are deducted from your accounts.

Sage Broadview Financial Planner Morristown NJ, Profile Managment

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