what sheri's reading

What Sheri’s Reading

what sheri's reading

Investing Stuff:

A Matter of Perspective (Sam Ro, Managing Editor of 


The Psychology of Sitting in Cash, Part Deux (A Wealth of Common Sense, Ben Carlson, 10/28/2018)

Some considerations for those who are sitting on a big pile of cash or are thinking about raising cash now that we’re in the midst of another correction. 

Calendar Years are Arbitrary (The Belle Curve, Blair Duquesnay, 10/23/2018)

“Time is a human invention… Do you remember what your portfolio’s return was in 2002? How about 2012? Do you even care about those numbers anymore? “

Warning Shot (Humble Dollar, Jonathan Clements, 10/26/2018)

Given the recent market turbulence, three quick calculations that might spur you to action—or help ease your mind.

Housing Stuff:

Housing Is Tanking in the Northeast. Guess Why. (Bloomberg, 10/25/2018)

what sheri's reading

How Much You Need to Afford a House (50 Largest U.S. Cities) (The Big Picture, Barry Ritholtz, 10/28/2018)

What Sheri's reading

How Does Your State Rank on Property Taxes? (Tax Foundation, Katherine Loughead, 10/24/2018)

what sheri's reading

Bonus if you’re still reading this post:

what sheri'sreadingSAGE Serendipity:  Saturday Night Live Hosts’ Best Recurring Characters, Ranked.  Vulture.com put together a great list of classic SNL skits with beloved hosts such as Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Martin, and Melissa McCarthy.


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