Short videos that might provide a source of comfort & clarity in the days ahead

From our friends at Buckingham Wealth Partners –

“If the rate at which the news, the markets and life as we know it are changing these days has left you with more questions than answers, you’re not alone.  This video podcast series is designed to provide simple answers to your most pressing questions. No stage, no sound bites—just short, straight answers from the experienced thought leaders that guide Buckingham’s research, education, investment and financial planning efforts. From our homes to yours, we hope these conversations provide a source of comfort and clarity in the days ahead.”

Latest Episodes:
Episode 1: What the heck is going on?
Episode 2: Why are markets so volatile and why have they reacted so negatively?
Episode 3: What economic stimulus measures have been taken and will they work?
Episode 4: How is this different than previous financial crises?
Episode 5: If the market is going to get worse before it gets better, shouldn’t I sell now?
Episode 6: Can the market bounce back?
Episode 7: It looks like things could get worse before they get better. How should we prepare ourselves?
Episode 8: Why does the pain of a market loss feel so much stronger than the joy of market gains?
Episode 9: I’m a new investor. What should I do?
Episode 10: Should I stay the course if I’m near retirement?
Other episodes: What are the tax relief measures being taken & do I qualify? What if I overestimated my tolerance for risk? So what if I’m afraid to rebalance? And more…

If these videos spark any questions for you, please reach out to us.

Continue to take care of yourselves, your friends and family, and the community around you.  We will stay in touch.


Sheri Iannetta Cupo, CFP®, Founding Partner (Retired) & Director
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