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Businesses, Stock Markets & the Economy

Why America has 8.4 million unemployed when there are 10 million job openings. “The economy is undergoing massive changes. There’s a big mismatch at the moment between the jobs available and what workers want.” (The Washington Post)

Biden’s SEC is ready to regulate cryptocurrency (recode)

“The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — led by Gary Gensler, who taught a class on cryptocurrency at MIT — is trying to make the case that it can and will regulate whatever cryptocurrency investment schemes it decides fall under its purview. The relative newness and rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency industry have put it in a regulatory gray area. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifies crypto as property. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) considers crypto to be a commodity. And the SEC has said that digital assets “may be securities, depending on the facts and circumstances.””


Your Finances & other Wealth Management links

The best thing you can do for your retirement is to invest in your health. (

Five financial rules of thumb worth keeping around. (

Wallets Are Over. Your Phone Is Your Everything Now.
“Mobile payments replacing credit cards was just the start. Digital versions of your work ID, driver’s license and other card holdouts are coming to your smartphone.” (The Wall Street Journal)

Our David Principe answers a question for readers:
Can I save to IRAs owned by my adult children?

Q. My adult children have Roth IRAs to which I am linked as unauthorized user. Is there a problem with me making direct deposits to their Roth IRA accounts, and if not, is there an annual maximum I can deposit? My wife and I are retired with pension income.
— Caring dad

The Environment & ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investing

Feed the Birds. “Helping feathered friends is an important and entertaining winter pastime.” (EDIBLE JERSEY, CAROLLE HUBER)

COULD YOU SURVIVE A RUN-IN WITH A BEAR?” How much do you know about bear behavior and avoiding a bear attack? What you know — or don’t know — could determine how likely you are to survive an encounter with a testy bear.” (The New York Times)


Your Physical & Mental Well-being

What should I do if I’m exposed to Covid-19? Read the flow chart: You’ve Been Exposed to Covid-19. Now What? (The New York Times)

Exercise for 3 Minutes, Every Half-Hour, to Counter the Ill Effects of Sitting. “Climbing stairs, doing jumping jacks or even taking as few as 15 steps during mini-breaks improved blood sugar control among office workers.” (The New York Times)

4 things you can do to be happier, smarter, and more emotionally aware (Fast Company)

The 26 Most Beautiful Towns in America (Conde Nast Traveler)


This Week’s Serendipity  

How creative are you? This 4-minute word test will tell you (Fast Company)

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