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How Long Does it Take Tech Stocks to Recover From a Crash? (Ben Carlson)

“But tech stocks are prone to these boom-bust cycles because innovation always causes bubbles. We simply can’t help ourselves.”

4 Reasons Inflation is So High Right Now (Ben Carlson)

“Everyone is miserable about inflation but we can’t help but pay higher prices because if there’s one thing we do really well in this country…it’s consumption.”

Navigating Geopolitical Events (Dimensional)

“Investors in global equity portfolios inevitably face periods of geopolitical tensions. Sometimes these events lead to restrictions, sanctions, and other types of market disruptions. We cannot predict when these events will occur or exactly what form they will take. However, we can plan for them by managing diversified portfolios and building flexibility into our process.”

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Rates Are Rising. You Want a House. What Will Happen Next? “A strange set of (you guessed it, pandemic-influenced) circumstances makes this a tough market to assess. Here are four questions and answers that can help.” (The New York Times)

Should I Wait to Buy a House? Prices are High. (AbacusWealth)

Cybercrime Is Real: 7 Best Ways To Protect Your Identity (AbacusWealth)

The Environment & ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investing

Comparing the Carbon Footprint of Transportation Options (Visual Capitalist)

Comparing Carbon Footprint

Source: Visual Capitalist

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