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COVID-19 & Your Health

Good morning. The C.D.C. announces its suggested vaccine priorities, and we offer a timeline of when you can expect to get one. (The New York Times)

C.D.C. Officials Shorten Recommended Quarantine Periods (The New York Times)

“New research suggests that people are most infectious two days before and five days after symptoms develop. Many countries around the world have moved to shorter quarantine periods, from five to 10 days, as a result. The CDC is now recommending that people who are exposed to the virus and are not symptomatic quarantine for seven days if they are tested and receive a negative result, or 10 days if they are not tested. This is down from the 14-day quarantine that has been recommended until now. The motivation behind this change was to find a balance between reducing the spread of the virus and making it feasible for people to quarantine if they are exposed.”

How to manage your virus risk (The New York Times)

“Today, I want to give you a three-step guide to risk minimization. It’s based on a Times survey of 700 epidemiologists as well as my conversations with experts and colleagues, like Donald G. McNeil Jr.

  1. There is one behavior you should try to eliminate, without exception: Spending time in a confined space (outside your household) where anyone is unmasked. Don’t eat indoors at a restaurant or friend’s house. Don’t have close, unmasked conversations anywhere, even outdoors. If you must fly, try to not to eat or drink on the plane. If you’re going to work, don’t have lunch in the same room as colleagues. Group lunches have led to outbreaks at hospitals and elsewhere.
  2. This next set of behaviors is best to minimize if you can’t avoid it: Spending extended time in indoor spaces, even with universal masking. Masks aren’t perfect. If you can work out at home rather than at a gym — or do your job or attend religious services remotely — you’re reducing your risk.
  3. Now the better news: Several activities are less risky than some people fear. You don’t need to wear a mask when you go for a walk or a jog. Donald, who’s famously careful, bikes without a mask. “I consider keeping six feet distant outdoors more important than wearing a mask,” he told me. “If I had a birthday candle in my hand and you’re too far away to blow it out, I can’t inhale whatever you exhale.”  You can also feel OK about doing many errands. About 90 percent of the epidemiologists in our survey have recently visited a grocery store, a pharmacy or another store. Just wear a mask, stay distant from others and wash your hands afterward.”


Your Finances & other Wealth Management links

11 signs that you have money in the right perspective. (

Saving money isn’t just about retirement decades down the road. It’s also about giving you the freedom to live your life on your own terms. (

How the Hold Harmless Provision Protects Your Benefits (

“A special rule called the “hold harmless provision” protects your Social Security benefit payment from decreasing due to an increase in the Medicare Part B premium.”


Businesses, Stock Markets & the Economy

2021 US Market Outlook: Better Days? (Schwab)

“Key takeaways

  • Stocks closing out 2020 having crossed the COVID chasm; but the economy has more rough terrain to traverse.
  • Vaccines represent the light at the end of the tunnel; but we will enter 2021 still in the tunnel.
  • The outlook for 2021 looks sunnier; but frothy sentiment near-term remains a risk.”


The Environment & ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investing

On the Decline: A Look at Earth’s Biodiversity Loss, By Region (Visual Capitalist)


Your Physical & Mental Well-being

Yum! ? 7 smart tips for baking better cookies (The Washington Post)

Something to read while you eat your cookies!? The Barnes & Noble Book of the Year. Chosen by Our Booksellers (

“The 2020 Barnes & Noble Book of the Year is World of Wonders: In Praise of Fireflies, Whale Sharks, and Other Astonishments by Aimee Nezhukumatathil! A stunning celebration of the natural world by way of memoir, each chapter captures a moment centered around a different natural phenomenon and the lived experience it evokes. Filled with tender illustrations and meditations on nature, World of Wonders is the definitive book for 2020.”


Now, let’s walk off the cookie calories!? 11 Minutes of Exercise a Day May Help Counter the Effects of Sitting. “The sweet spot for physical activity and longevity seemed to arrive at about 35 minutes a day of brisk walking or other moderate activities.” (The New York Times)


Today’s WFH office (Holiday special)

Family in South Australia find live koala in their Christmas tree (The Guardian)

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