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Corrections, Retracements, Crashes & Dips  (Barry Ritholtz)

Source: Barry Ritholtz

“Whenever we have a one-day event that looks different from the prior few days or weeks, I wonder how the language used might impact investors . . . Is a “Sell off” worse than a “Pullback”? Should people be more worried about a “Correction” than a “Dip”? What about the plunges, overbalances, surprises, lurches, debacles, ruins, depressions, failures, smash-ups, and wrecks?

These descriptive phrases are exciting but lack any sort of precise meaning. The NBER has a formal definition of “Recession,” but there are no similar definitions for any of the above phrases for market action. Indeed, that entire colorful list is squishy and imprecise. What information do they provide to an investor?


Consider this to be a truism whenever you flip on the news and become frightened by the first draft of history. The odds are very much against decisions made under those circumstances working out well for your long-term portfolio.”


Don’t let a desire for portfolio income overwhelm your investment principles. (

“I know many investors are averse to spending down their principal in retirement. That principal feels sacred. But if you’re happy with your current portfolio, you could always create your own dividends by simply selling some shares in the stocks or funds you own. It’s not the end of the world if you take some gains and enjoy your money.”

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Should I Open a Roth IRA for My Kids? (Abacus)

When a child needs to file taxes is a great time to discuss finances. (

If you don’t decide how to spend your money, someone else will. (

“I am not talking about frivolous spending, but purposeful spending. Allow yourself to dream big and develop creative ways to stamp your legacy on the Earth. Envision the conversations that will take place at your funeral, and figure out how to shape them. Most importantly, figure out how to maximize the minutes you have remaining. Think about where you will be, when you want to be there, and what you will do.”

The Environment & ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investing

Pollinator-Friendly Parks. Enhancing Our Communities by Supporting Native Pollinators in Our Parks and Other Public Spaces. (

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Your Physical & Mental Well-being

Filter The News (Dr. Lucy McBride)

“While the news about Omicron is fast, furious, and fertile ground for anxiety, there’s a lot to be hopeful about.”

The case for deleting your social media apps, even temporarily. (

This Week’s Serendipity  

Welcome to La Briffe
A newsletter about cooking, eating and making life more delicious.

“For the past ten years I’ve produced a daily gift guide every December. These are products I’ve bought with my own money and love telling people about. You may not be in the market for gifts, but these are new foods, utensils, cooking equipment, books and the like that will make any kitchen a happier place. And if I do say so myself, this year’s suggestions are particularly good.

Finally, I’m hoping to hear from you too, so I’ll be asking questions about what you’re eating, cooking and thinking. And answering any questions you care to send my way.

I’m calling this mini-magazine La Briffe, which is an affectionate old French term for food. (It also becomes a verb, briffer. And a person who loves food is a briffaud.) It will land in your in-box every day during December. And it is absolutely free.”

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