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This Bull Market Hasn’t Always Been Easy “There have been plenty of market corrections during the bull market….” (Ben Carlson)

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Tips for Buying a Used Car. “Top dealerships offer reassurances, but better prices might be found elsewhere. Check the Carfax, and offer to meet in a police station parking lot.” (The New York Times)

Ex-Car Salesman Tells All: How To Beat The Auto Dealerships At Their Own Game (David Weliver)

Seth Godin, “The neighborhood or industry or peer group you choose has a lot to do with whether you’re relatively rich or not.” (

The Environment & ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investing

In Praise of Trees. “As our understanding of trees increases, so does our resolve to plant and protect them.” (Carolle Huber,

“Planting trees is critical to supporting our environment, and native trees do a lot more than provide beautiful, cooling shade. They feed and shelter wildlife. They help fight climate change by keeping us cool enough to turn down our air-conditioners and by blocking winter winds. They absorb tremendous amounts of water, meaning less runoff downstream. And they stabilize creek and river banks to prevent erosion. Most important to climate change, trees sequester carbon and store it underground. They also exhale the oxygen that we breathe.”

“I’m asking you each to plant at least one tree per decade. That amounts to six trees in your adult life. We each use about 465 trees in our lifetime for paper alone. It’s time to give back. If your yard is too small for one more tree, reach out to your town, they would love a donation.

Plant a tree.”


Your Physical & Mental Well-being

Our Favorite Healthy Habits of 2021 (The Well Newsletter, The New York Times)

Take a gratitude photo. If a gratitude journal isn’t your thing, make a plan to take one photo a day of something special in your life. It can be a cute picture of your dog, a sunset or a delicious meal. Take a moment to study the photo, sit with your feelings of gratitude, and then share it with a friend or post it on social media. When we make an effort to notice our surroundings or show appreciation for the people, places or things that make us happy, it’s called “savoring.” Scientists know that savoring exercises can lead to meaningful gains in overall happiness and well-being.”

Watch the jellyfish. One of the best mindfulness tips I came across this year was from Cord Jefferson, the television writer who thanked his therapist on national television when he won an Emmy Award. Mr. Jefferson told me he struggled with traditional meditation, but he enjoys watching the feed from a web camera showing the jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Bookmark the jelly-cam on your phone or laptop browser and get lost in the gentle pulses of the jellyfish for a short mindfulness break during your workday.”

This Week’s Serendipity

The Winners Of “The Environmental Photographer Of The Year 2021” Have Been Announced (26 Pics) (

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