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Could a century-old technology zap coronavirus in schools and offices? (The Boston Globe)

New study may help ‘predict’ who will get severe COVID-19 cases. Recent research shows that people typically fall into one of six different clusters of coronavirus symptoms. (Yahoo Life)

Despite experiencing milder symptoms, children may carry as much of the coronavirus in their respiratory systems as adults. (JAMA Pediatrics)

#117 – Stanley Perlman, M.D., Ph.D.: Insights from a coronavirus expert on COVID-19 (Podcast – Peter Attia, MD)

#115 – David Watkins, Ph.D.: A masterclass in immunology, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccine strategies for COVID-19 (Podcast – Peter Attia, MD)

Finances & the Economy

Off the charts (economic data points from Barry Ritholtz & FRED – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

For any endeavor that generates metrics that can be tracked, quantified, analyzed, and/or depicted graphically, an “off the charts” moment occurs when the latest data point in the or series is so far beyond anything previously experienced, that it changes its overall range and framework.

Gross Domestic Product

Source: FRED

Unemployment Rate

Source: FRED

Initial Claims

Source: FRED

Running on faith: are stocks discounting too powerful an earnings recovery? (Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab)

We continue to recommend that investors remain disciplined—especially with regard to periodic rebalancing/profit-taking. Remember, successful investing is not about what you know (or don’t know), but what you do.

Lots of things happening at once. (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund)

But think of how complex the world is. Then think about how strong our desire is to explain how the world works with simple, single-cause stories. It’s a problem.

The Environment

This country regrew its lost forest. Can the world learn from it? (CNN)

Your Physical & Mental Well-being

MacKenzie Scott Has Donated $1.7 Billion Since Divorce from Jeff Bezos. Scott said her wealth was the “product of a collective effort” that could be “of particular value to others.” (HuffPost). Her Medium post is titled 116 organizations driving change.

How to read more books. Modern life can feel too frantic for books. Use these habit-building strategies to carve out time for the joy of reading (Psyche).

#121 – Azra Raza, M.D.: Why we’re losing the war on cancer (Podcast – Peter Attia, MD)

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