SBV Curated Content | A Weekly Update of Enlightening & Intriguing Information | August 12, 2020

COVID-19 & Your Health

COVID-19 test kit, the first FDA EUA approved saliva test (Vault) (Note from Sheri – my son is required to show documentation of a negative diagnostic COVID-19 test that was taken within 14 days prior to coming to campus. His college will accept this at-home test.)

Is Your Teen College-Bound? Make Sure You Have These Documents in Place Talking to our kids about the importance of having certain legal documents to help plan for life’s “what ifs” should be on every parent’s to-do list. (New Jersey Family)

Johns Hopkins’s COVID-19 dashboard alerted us to trouble ahead. Meet the woman who made it. (Fast Company). The global dashboard resides here; the US dashboard is here.

From ‘brain fog’ to heart damage, COVID-19’s lingering problems alarm scientists (Science)

America’s Coronavirus Endurance Test. To defeat the virus, we will have to start thinking in years, not months. (The New Yorker, HOWARD MARKEL, MD, PHD)

Research at Morristown Medical Center focuses on COVID-19 vaccine with long-term immunity You can read the prepress paper on the study, which has been submitted to a major peer-reviewed journal, here. (MorristownGreen)

Your Finances & other Wealth Management links

Tools for Managing Your Finances During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Karen Chan) There is also a recording of her presentation for the Blue Island Library which covers a lot of the information she posted on her site.

How to get items removed from your credit report (Money) Includes: know what goes into your credit report, know what makes up your credit score, negative impacts on your credit score, identity theft and credit reports, and get a free copy of your credit reports.

Estate Planning: Preparing a Letter of Instruction  While it is commonly believed that a Will contains everything an Executor needs to know to administer an estate, a Will may not provide specific instructions regarding funeral and burial preferences, the location of important legal documents, the location of assets, and/or passwords to the numerous online accounts we all now hold. (Pashman Stein Walder Hayden)

Stock Markets & the Economy

Why markets don’t seem to care if the economy stinks. (Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg)

When markets are rough, it’s tempting to want to make a quick change to your investments. But much like changing lanes in traffic, impulsive moves can add anxiety and risk with no guarantee you’ll benefit. Watch here. (Dimensional)

The Environment

This climate hot spot is robbing the West of its water. (Washington Post)

Vegetarianism: tapping into the meatless revolution (Visual Capitalist) Click the image for the full infographic.

Your Physical & Mental Well-being

Five-Minute Coronavirus Stress Resets (The New York Times)

10-Year-old Mini-Monet Fetches Tens of Thousands For Her Paintings – And Donates All the Money (Good News Network)

Today’s WFH co-worker

Avery (Chris Annello’s daughter) who enjoys dressing up as different Disney princesses.

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