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Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast “A good summary of investing history is that stocks pay a fortune in the long run but seek punitive damages when you try to be paid sooner. Virtually all investing mistakes are rooted in people looking at long-term market returns and saying, “That’s nice, but can I have it all faster?”” (Collaborative Fund)

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Source: Collaborative Fund

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How Much Money Do You Need to Make to Buy a New Car? (Ben Carlson)

“Succeeding in personal finance is all about trade-offs.

But the cost of transportation is the second biggest fixed cost in most people’s budget behind housing. And when you add the ancillary costs on top of it, owning a new car can blow a huge hole in your finances if you’re not careful.

You can have your finances in order and drive a nice car. It’s not mutually exclusive.

But if you drive a nice new car and your finances are a mess, there’s a pretty simple remedy.

Even going from a new $37k car to a used $20k would save you more than $3k a year in payments. That’s halfway to maxing out your IRA.”

The NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation is proud to be a four-year MSW National Champion.

Virtual Money Smart Week 2021 | Saturday, April 10 – Saturday, April 17 offering daily 15-minute live presentations and resources to help those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic better manage their personal finances.

Session topics and presenters include:

  1. Talking Cents (University of Chicago Financial Ed. Initiative)
  2. Saving (FINRA Investor Education Foundation)
  3. Basic Banking (The Economic Awareness Council)
  4. Student Loans (Federal Student Aid)
  5. Fraud Protection (Internal Revenue Service)
  6. Personal Finance (Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center)
  7. Housing Protections (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  8. Budgeting (University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension)


For more details visit #MoneySmartWeek #MSW2021

Register here for Money Smart Week 2021 Webinars. Events are free and open to the public.

The Environment & ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investing

The Battle To Protect One Of America’s Last Wild Landscapes. “An unlikely alliance of ranchers, Indigenous communities and environmentalists is trying to save the Owyhee Canyonlands.” (Huffington Post)

Members of the Burns Paiute Tribe digging Pasigo root (camas), a traditional Paiute food.

Global forest losses accelerated despite the pandemic, threatening world’s climate goals. “Loss of vital forests in the tropics increased by 12 percent between 2019 and 2020, a satellite-based survey found.” (The Washington Post)


COVID-19 & Your Health

How long will the coronavirus vaccines protect you? Experts weigh in. (The Washington Post)

How your immune system works to protect you against coronavirus variants. (

Masks are good for seasonal allergies as well. (

How mRNA Technology Could Change the World. “mRNA’s story likely will not end with COVID-19: Its potential stretches far beyond this pandemic.” (The Atlantic)

Your Physical & Mental Well-being

Brisk Walking Is Good for the Aging Brain. “Older people with mild cognitive impairment showed improvements in brain blood flow and memory after a yearlong aerobic exercise program.” (The New York Times)

Creative coping. Pet chickens, pink hair, an old plane: Here’s what’s keeping readers going through the pandemic. (The Washington Post)

Creative Coping

This Week’s Serendipity

Feel-good, actionable ideas for elevating everyday moments. (Like Magic)

“Can you imagine waking up to a bright pink box of doughnuts on your doorstep for no reason at all except that someone thought it would make you happy? Or a faraway friend planting a tree in honor of your newborn baby? Or getting a thank-you cake instead of a thank-you note? (“Thanks for the spaghetti!”) Or opening up a note from a long-gone favorite aunt telling you to buy yourself a cocktail? And by the way, here’s ten bucks for you to make sure it happens? Days are long and hard and the same for a lot of us, who wouldn’t want to be surprised and delighted by a friend or a family member or a complete stranger? It’s amazing how the smallest gestures can have the most meaningful impact.

It’s…Like Magic.

The Like Magic Project is dedicated to finding elevated everyday moments. We are craving emotional stories that show how people connect to their children, to their parents, to their grandparents, to their histories, to their communities, to something spiritual and mysterious that make them feel something a little deeper than what they feel when they’re scrolling through their Twitter feeds. We aren’t in search of just ideas either, we want stories. We want to know how people celebrate the big occasions and — more importantly — the little ones.

Share your idea with us HERE. (P.S. We LOVE photos!)”

Check your doorstep

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