Danny Lester

Associate Adviser

Connecticut Office

Email: [email protected]

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As the newest, and youngest, member of the SAGEbroadview team, Danny brings an extra set of hands and a fresh set of eyes to the various projects and initiatives the firm offers. He has been working extensively with the team to continue expanding and developing the Young Professionals Program while also supporting other advisers as they work to serve existing clients.


Danny joined SAGEbroadview as a Summer Intern in 2019 after a Google search for “Financial Planning Firms near me” returned SAGEbroadview. A couple of emails and two interviews later, he was on board for the summer. After departing SAGEbroadview to head back to school for his graduate studies, he worked part-time from school or joined Chris Annello in the Burlington office, before returning home to start work as an Associate Adviser in Farmington.


Danny graduated summa cum laude from Bentley University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance with a concentration in Personal Financial Planning. He then returned to Bentley University to earn his Master’s in Taxation to broaden his knowledge of the various areas of Financial Planning.


Danny passed the rigorous CFP® exam in November 2020 and will become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner as soon as he has the requisite months of experience.


In his free time, he enjoys playing a variety of sports with a group of friends he grew up with or taking his dog, Bentley, to dog parks in the area with his family. He also enjoys gardening and plant care, with his succulent and cactus collection now 23 plants strong and ever growing!

Danny Lester
Boston Sports Fan?

Yes, I’m a Boston sports fan (gasp). Just like Larry and Chris, my sports affiliation is a generational thing that’s been passed down through my family. Fingers crossed that the New York-Boston rivalry doesn’t flare up anytime soon and we can keep the office dynamics under control.

Why Financial Planning?

My uncle works in the field so he exposed me to Financial Planning as a kid. Through discussions with him, I decided I wanted to go to school for Finance but still wasn’t sure what career path I wanted. At Bentley, all first year students are required to take a Corporate Finance and Accounting course, and it was clear to me pretty quickly that wasn’t the path I wanted to pursue. My suspicions were confirmed when I took my first personal finance course; I was hooked right from the start.

Favorite Vacation Spot?

For me, it’s Cape Cod. We’ve gone almost every summer since I was little and it’s become like a second home for me. So much so, I took a one-week summer intensive course that had us stay on the Cape and I was giving tours to my group for the entire week. Because we’ve gone to the Cape so often, that does mean I haven’t traveled too extensively…yet. After having a trip canceled because of the pandemic, Scotland is now on the top of my list when it’s safe to travel again.

Plans for the Future?

I’m very fortunate that my parents have allowed me to come home and live with them for a little while after finishing school, but I’m saving up and hoping to find a place of my own in the near future. There are so many factors that will determine what that looks like, but I’m excited for whatever the future brings!