When Retirement Goes Awry

3 Things: When Retirement Goes Awry

When Retirement Goes Awry

A retiree owned too much company stock

  1. Retirement looked pretty good until GE shares collapsed.” (Wall Street Journal, 4/22/2018)

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An early retiree misses their old working life

  1. What if I’m wrong about everything? (Thriftygal, 4/18/2018) “What if happiness is more about roots and people and relationships and productivity and less about freedom and flexibility?”

When life happens

  1.  Stan Hinden’s plans for his twilight years were undone when his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He shares that experience, and other lessons, in the latest edition of his book, How to Retire Happy. (NPR, 3/13/2013)

Additional Reading: The Secrets Of ‘How To Retire Happy’ (Forbes, 6/25/2013)

· Don’t miss your opportunities.

· Do find a way to be friends with your children and grandchildren, even though they are very busy. You need them and whether they realize it or not, they need you.

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50 Ways The World is Getting Better: A must read.

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