Summer Reads

What Sheri’s Reading: June 2017 Edition

Summer Reads

A curated list for your reading pleasure — some light-hearted articles, some that are thought-provoking, and some of a more practical nature:

  • Why Walking Helps Us Think (The New Yorker) What is it about walking, in particular, that makes it so amenable to thinking and writing? The answer begins with changes to our chemistry.”
  • Why I Write About Classical Music (My Favorite Classical) Life is too short to spend it thinking only about investments.” Every Saturday morning he (Vitaliy Katsenelson) will send out a classical music piece that touched him in the preceding work week.  Not an article, just a link (or a few links) to YouTube so you can start your much-deserved weekend with some classical music.
  • Robocalls Flooding Your Cellphone? Here’s How to Stop Them (The New York Times) “Another day, another irritating robocall. If it feels as if your cellphone has increasingly been flooded with them, you’re right.”
  • Stop procrastinating by adopting the five-minute rule (Quartz) How to trick yourself into doing all the things you keep putting off.
  • Adaptation Devaluation: Why A U2 Concert Is Better Than A New Couch (Forbes) “We derive more joy from [insert experience] than by purchasing a [product of comparable price].”
  • Think Bigger (HumbleDollar Jonathan Clements) “…whenever we make a financial decision, we should ponder three key questions: What’s the tradeoff, does the choice make sense given our broader financial life, and will we feel as good about the decision tomorrow as we do today?”
  • Expiring vs. Long-Term Knowledge (Morgan Housel) “How much of what you read today will you still care about a year from now?”
  • Have a Day Off? Tackle Your Financial To-Do List (The New York Times) The New York Times has compiled this brief guide to help you get your affairs in order, depending on how much time you have to devote to the task.”

“2017 Reading Challenge Update”

This year I set a challenge to read 24 books in 2017 by reading at least 25 pages a day, a solid recommendation made by Larry’s son, Jeff Annello. So far I’ve read 16 books so I’m ahead of schedule. I just finished “Norse Mythology” by Neil Gaiman. Now I’m reading “Words Without Music” by Philip Glass so I can (perhaps) discuss music somewhat more intelligently with my musician son, Devon.  Please pass on any suggestions that you think I might enjoy as I’m always interested in adding to my “to be read” list.

what sheri's readingSAGE Serendipity:  Meet our astronauts! NASA published the list of its 22nd class of astronauts last week. A record 18,300 people applied, and here are the 12 that made it. During the announcement at Johnson Space Center in Houston, NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot said “Between expanding the crew on board the space station to conduct more research than ever before, and making preparations to send humans farther into space than we’ve ever been, we are going to keep them busy.”


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