Stocks and Bonds

Let’s Tell a Story: Why Invest in Stocks and Bonds?

Stocks and Bonds

The Ups and Downs of Stocks and Bonds

In our recent post, “What’s Up with Inflation?” we introduced a trio of videos Dimensional Fund Advisors has shared. They help bring its Matrix Book numbers to life for those who might not want to pore through pages and pages of data by themselves.

Once you know what to make of all that data, it has quite a story to tell, especially when it comes to putting current events in historical context. For example, why are we always going on about how important it is to maintain a consistent mix of stocks and bonds in your portfolio? This is known as “asset allocation.” If we told you more here, we’d spoil the perfectly good story found in today’s video, “The Ups and Downs of Stocks and Bonds.”

Check it out for yourself. Then, stay tuned for our upcoming post, in which we’ll build on today’s evidence-based tale by taking it global.

Click on the image below to start the video.

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