Gift Ideas

3 Things: Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas


Trying to find a gift for a young reader, or an older reader who loves children’s books?

  1. Check out this article for the illustrations alone. Simply gorgeous.

The 7 Loveliest Children’s Books of 2017 (Brain Pickings) Profound and poetic illustrated celebrations of solitude, self-possession, friendship, and our place in the cosmos.

best children's books 2017

Best Children’s Books 2017 (Brain Pickings)

Trying to find a gift for a science enthusiast?

  1. “…what all great science books accomplish, whether they do so from the perspective of microbiology or of astrophysics: They humble us into remembering that we are but a tiny part of a vast and complex universe operating on scales of space and time in which ours holds no special supremacy.”

7 Favorite Science Books of 2017 (Brain Pickings) From trees to consciousness to black holes, an immersion into the glory of the knowable and the splendor of the unknown.

Best Science Books 2017

Best Science Books 2017 (Brain Pickings)

Trying to find a gift for someone who recently retired?

  1. This article has some great gift ideas that include: help around the home, assistance with new technology, staying healthy & happy, taking a trip, and sparking a passion.

What to buy recent retirees to transform their quality of life (MarketWatch, 12/11/2017)

Additional Reading: A MarketWatch Series: Gifts that pay off

Trying to find a gift for someone who wants to be more savvy about money & business?

4. Okay, so for those who can count this is really 4 Things but….BOOKS. In this article financial advisors weigh in with their picks to “help you improve your budget, knowledge of the markets and understanding of the impact of your financial decisions.”

For a stocking stuffer, 10 books that boost money IQ (CNBC, 12/16/2017)

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