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YouTube IRS


“Hip and happening” isn’t the usual phrase that comes to mind when you think about the Internal Revenue Service. A more common stereotype is captured by Will Ferrell’s character, IRS Agent Harold Crick in the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.”

Harold Crick counts the strokes when he’s brushing his teeth. His wristwatch is his guardian angel. He explains to the woman he’s wooing (and simultaneously auditing): “IRS agents, we’re given rigorous aptitude tests before we can work. Unfortunately for you, we aren’t tested on tact or good manners, so I apologize.”

So it might come as a surprise to know that the IRS – yes, the actual agency – is hip and happening enough to have its own IRSvideos YouTube channel.

Granted, the flicks you’ll find there probably won’t win any Oscars anytime soon. Your video hosts are dressed mostly in gray garb, open collar, no tie (gasp). But for some good, solid tips on tax interests of the day, it’s a resource worth following.

The material there is highly organized (as one might expect) into helpful “FAQ” categories, including Tax Tips, Identity Theft, Small Business and Featured, plus a section specifically for tax professionals. If you only have time to pick a few videos out of the mix, I recommend you focus on the Identity Theft section. This is clearly a subject that affects us all … and that we all need to be vigilant for, together.

While we’re on the subject of online tax tips, Forbes’ “Tax Girl” Kelly Phillips Erb is another resource we like follow. Her writing is informative and better yet, often entertaining. For example, check out Erb’s report on what it will cost you this year if you decide to buy your true love all the gifts from “The 12 Days of Christmas.” We’ll not give away the answer here, but you might be surprised to discover the going rate for swans.

SAGE Serendipity: : It’s been 13 years since Will Ferrell put on his elf suit and gave us a modern holiday classic. If you’re one of the millions who needs their annual “Elf” fix, this list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Elf’” from would be great to peruse before the annual watch. For instance, did you know he turned down a large chunk of money to star in an “Elf 2″? He was quoted saying he didn’t want to play Buddy, the Middle­ Aged Elf. Whew.

Wendy Vissar
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