If you wish to examine world capital market performance for the past quarter, you can check out Dimensional’s Quarterly Market Review for Second Quarter 2022.

Personally, I’d recommend enjoying other types of summer reading for now, as we will continue to monitor this data on your behalf.

But if you are truly interested, don’t miss Marlena Lee’s article on pages 16 to 18 entitled “Three Crucial Lessons for Weathering the Stock Market’s Storm”.

Her lessons include:

  1. We don’t even know if we are in a recession now, or headed for one imminently, but if so, a recession is not a reason to sell.
  2. It might be tempting, but time the market at your peril
  3. It may be a good time to reassess your portfolio if you experimented with any of the pandemic investment fads.


PDF: Quarterly Market Review (QMR) – Q2 2022

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